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Watch Julianne Moore Act For Times Square Tourists | Film News



As Billy Eichner has become more famous and his comedy game show Billy on the Street more popular, he has managed to lure quite a few known names. Previous participants include Amy Poehler, Lena  Dunham, Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd. This time around Eichner has found a very enthusiastic partner in the immensely talented Julianne Moore.


In a new clip, we see Eichner and Moore walking along Times Square with the rest of the street performers. What is Moore offering the tourists? For the bargain of 1 dollar, she’ll perform some of her most famous and enduring monologues. What makes the clip so magical is not merely the allure of Moore, but the reactions from the tourists they encounter along the way. Several of them clearly have no idea who she is, like the young man who likes The Big Lebowski but can’t recall that she was in it – shame on you – whilst other’s initiate a cuddle party.


One of the funniest moments has to be when they encounter a tourist who doesn’t speak enough English to understand what’s going on. Moore then begins to cry on cue, like the total star she is, and the confused tourist is urged to hug her by the belligerent yet hilarious Eichner, “She’s crying on command! Comfort her in her hour of need!” Which he does! Lucky guy. Watch the full video below and be prepared to fall in love with Julianne Moore all over again.




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