Watch New ‘Into The Woods’ Featurette ‘Designing The Woods’ | Film News


From the looks of things, Into The Woods is a set design fan’s dream. A new featurette of a behind the scenes look at the design behind Into The Woods has emerged online and it is truly stunning. Jam packed with soundbites from the cast and crew, including director Rob Marshall, director of photography Dion Beebe and genius production designer Dennis Gassner, the new featurette gives a real glimpse into the levels of creativity that went into making and sourcing the magical woods that engulf the mythical narrative within the film.


I was a little skeptical about this film as the squeaky clean Disney live-action musicals aren’t particularly my genre but this featurette has definitely opened my eyes into the magic behind Into The Woods. The set production looks unbelievable and its easy to see how such a huge cast felt completely at home within their own woods. Check out the featurette and feel it for yourselves. Staring Meryl Streep, James Cordon, Chris Pine, Emily Blunt, Ana Kendrick, Johnny Depp, Lucy Punch and Mackenzie Mauzy; Into The Woods reaches theatres on January 9.




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