Watch New ‘Jurassic World’ TV Spot Staring Chris Pratt | Film Trailer


The new Indominus Rex takes center stage for Jurassic World’s brand new TV spot and the said ‘attraction’ is looking deadly as ever, with extra glimpses of what we’ll all be fearing from June 12 this year. Under the helm of Chris Trevorrow, man of the moment Chris Pratt and the supremely talented Bryce Dallas Howard star in the latest look at the Jurassic Park follow up flick, which tells the story of the famous Isla Nublar and its prehistoric inhabitants, twenty two years after the first Park’s horrific opening.


The new TV spot is pretty damn awesome and the more I see of Jurassic World, the more excited I get. Call it nostalgia or my love for dinosaurs (in all their man eating glory), Jurassic World is soon becoming my most anticipated movie of 2015. I love the intense glimpses of the Indominus Rex and Howard’s manic screech to “RUN”! Also starring Vincent D’Onofrio, Jake Johnson, Judy Greer and Ty Simpkins, Jurassic World hits theatres on June 12, 2015.



Source: Games Radar 



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