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A new extended trailer for Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk has hit YouTube ahead of the film’s release on October 2. The film charts French high-wire artist Phillipe Petit’s walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974, with Gordon-Levitt in the main role. We have already had a documentary on this subject in the form of James Marsh’s Man on Wire in 2008, but Zemeckis has approached the story as an exhilarating biographical drama and along with Gordon-Levitt, has the likes of Ben Kingsley amongst the cast. Its strong cast may help it to have the same sort of impact as Marsh’s documentary, and the extra footage here suggests that it definitely strives to be just as intense. Zemeckis will be looking for the right mix of dramatic embellishments and realism that captures the raw force of the documentary, hopefully ensuring that the film doesn’t feel too disconnected from the truth.


Watch The Walk trailer below.




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