Watch Red Band Trailer For Outrageous Comedy ‘The Interview’ | Film Trailer


Comedy tag team James Franco and Seth Rogen reunite on the big screen for another cameo-packed, scandalous movie titled The Interview. Franco plays Dave Skylark, a television host who interviews mega celebrities and Rogen stars alongside him as his trusty producer, Aaron Rapoport and together they make the hit TV show; Skylark Tonight. Among their thousands of loyal fans is unlikely viewer, Kim Jong-un. Yep, that’s North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un.


After landing a personal interview with the man himself, Franco and Rogen find themselves being coerced by the CIA to assassinate Jong-un. The film and trailer has already rounded up it’s share of controversy, so you know it’s not to be missed. The Interview was directed by none other than Seth Rogan himself, alongside Evan Goldberg who also brought us This Is The End and produced many of Rogen’s other comedies. The UK release date has been pushed back to December 25th, so check out the trailer below.




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