Watch ‘SNL’ Satirize Beyonce’s Superbowl Performance | TV News

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Watch ‘SNL’ Satirize Beyonce’s Superbowl Performance | TV News



It has been a good couple of weeks since the Superbowl ended with a Bronco’s win, but rather than celebrating this year’s champions, everyone’s been talking about THAT Beyonce half-time performance.


Celebrating African-American heritage by performing her new song “Formation” and playing an homage to the Black Panthers party, the singer shocked America with apparently ‘racist’ imagery on television. This sparked a series of events that followed suit, receiving criticism from various groups, to the boycotting of the NFL. Of course the general popular believes this reaction to have been a bit too dramatic, with some remarking the good done by the party for African-Americans.


But what better way to mock controversy by satirizing it? and who best to do it? Why none other than the cast of SNL. Featuring a sketch entitled ‘The Day Beyonce turned black’, it depicts the reaction many white Americans had towards the issue. Needless to say it’s delivered in good taste, over-exaggerating the matter to the extent of apocalyptic proportion and highlighting the ignorance.




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