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A24 have released a new poster and teaser trailer this week for J.C. Chandor’s aggressive drama A Most Violent Year. This will be the third feature for the critically acclaimed director, and is set in the winter of 1981 when New York experienced its “most violent year“. The film will see a couple portrayed by Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, as they chase the classic American dream, but subsequently fall into conflict with the mob after their business starts to take off.


If you take a look at the new trailer, you will be overwhelmed by Bradford Young’s beautiful cinematography. As the camera glides across water, it presents the viewer with a glorious sunset in the midst of New York’s winter. As soon as Isaac’s character is introduced, one cannot help but notice the resemblance between him and a young Al Pacino when he starred in The Godfather. The trailer oozes with violence and soon quickens its pace, illustrating the intense nature and brutality of the film.


As each month passes by, aggressions rapidly grow until it finally erupts announcing its title; A Most Violent Year. Perfectly in time for the winter season, the film is set for release in the UK on the 31st of December 2014, and despite its late appearance with regard to the upcoming Oscars, I have no doubt this film will make the final cut. Filled with drama and suspense, Chastain and Issac could definitely be in the running for Best Actor/Actress, along with the film itself.




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