Watch The Haunting New Trailer For ‘The Witch’ | Film Trailer

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Watch The Haunting New Trailer For ‘The Witch’ | Film Trailer


The Witch has been making headlines since its showing at last year’s Sundance Film  Festival and from the trailers being released, it looks like it could raise the standards for future horror films. The fact that it can create such an unsettling atmosphere without really showing the witch herself speaks well of the film’s potential to be truly frightening. Not to mention that the trailers have been refreshingly vague; offering up no spoilers or major plot points, instead allowing the bizarre and disquieting imagery speak for itself.


Directed by Robert Eggers, The Witch follows the story of a farmer and his family, living in New England in 1630. When the baby Samuel vanishes, the family lays the blame on daughter Thomasin, who was watching him at the time. As suspicion and paranoia builds, the family begin to turn on each other, suspecting Thomasin of witchcraft, unaware of the true evil that surrounds them. The film stars Ralph Ineson as William the farmer, and Kate Dickie as his wife Katherine.


The Witch creeps into cinemas everywhere on February 19, 2016. You can see previous trailers here and here.




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