Watch The New Mazi Chukz Vlog Episode Featuring CEO Dancers’ Ezinne | Music News


How much do you know about Mazi Chukz? Whether you’ve been singing along to “Ebeano”, “One In A Million” or”Ifunanya”, or you’re not too sure who this guy is yet, the upcoming singer is inviting people to take a peek inside his world through his vlog series Getting To Know Mazi Chukz. In the first episode, viewers get to find out what Mazi Chukz’s friends and team have to say about him, as well as some behind-the-scenes performance footage. Episode two, featuring Ezinne of the CEO Dancers, keeps in line with the “Ifunanya” theme as friends join Mazi Chukz to discuss relationships and other matters of the heart (so if you’ve been hashtagging ‘relationship goals’ everyday, then this episode for you). Keep an eye out for Mazi Chukz, this Krystal City artist is looking very promising indeed. Check out the latest episode below and follow him here




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