Watch ‘The Simpsons’ Parody The US Presidential Race | TV News



The Simpsons once again does what the Simpsons does best, and this time they touch on the most hectic event currently hitting the American airwaves. Featuring in an episode called “The Debateful Eight” (Tarantino Reference here) it perfectly summarizes what most Americans are probably feeling right now, as Marge becomes unable to sleep after developing an “earworm” consisting of actual candidate voices.


Homer tries to console his wife by asking her to visualize an America where the ‘Democrats, Republicans, and Donald Trump all get along’. What follows then is a hilarious take of the American debate, before shifting to a little more physical confrontation.



This year’s presidential race is one of the most widely covered so far, most of which is owed to the presence of business Mogul Donald Trump. There are also a large number of potential candidates that have been popular with the people, with Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton being among the favourites.



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