Watch The Trailer For Guillermo del Toro’s ‘The Strain’ | TV Trailer

Guillermo del Toro’s film ‘The Strain’ has new trailer


Director Guillermo del Toro’s vampire TV Series The Strain has debuted a new trailer online. The story is about Dr Ephraim Goodweather who manages the Disease Control Canary Team in New York. After an outbreak of an ancient virus associated with vampires, he and his team are called to help and they recruit average New York city inhabitants to help them fight for the survival of the human race. He has teamed up with co-creator Chuck Hogan to launch the new TV series.


The film cast consists of Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Sean Astin, Mia Maestro, Natalie Brown, Kevin Durand, Jonathan Hyde, Robert Mailler, Richard Sammel, Ben Hyland, Jack Kesy and Miguel Gomez. Initially the director intended to make the TV show into a film, but alas the TV series will premiere on the FX channel on July 13, 2014.




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