Watch The Trailer For ‘Revenge’ Season Three Finale | TV Trailer

‘Revenge’ season finale makes impact online


The trailer for the Revenge season three finale has finally debuted online. For those watching the series in the UK, the third season started just a few weeks ago so look away now. However, in the US, the viewers are already waiting for the season finale to air on TV. The latest trailer shows Victoria finally figuring out Emily Thorne’s real identity. Splatters of blood are shown on a white shirt and Thorne is shown digging a grave, as a prominent character in the show will be killed. Aiden discovers the part Pascal played in his Father’s murder and the question is who is the character that dies and how does Victoria find out about Emily? The episode titled ‘Execution’ is exactly that in every sense of the word. The third season finale of ‘Revenge’ will be broadcast on May 11, 2014 on ABC.




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