Watch Trailer For Crime Drama ‘Revenge Of The Green Dragons’ | Film Trailer

Watch the biopic ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons’ trailer


The new official trailer has arrived for the biopic film Revenge of the Green Dragons. Two immigrant brothers called Sonny and Steven struggle to survive the poverty-stricken New York during the 1980s. They join the Chinatown gang called the Green Dragons, and soon climb their way up the different ranks and begin to get attention from the police department. The once close brothers drift apart over a controversial love affair Sonny has with a girl, as he turns on the very gang that saved his life. Actors Justin Chon and Kevin Wu (Glee) play the legendary gangster brothers. The film is directed by Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo, and is executive produced by the legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese. It will be released in US cinemas at the end of 2014.




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