Watch Trailer For ‘Sherlock’ Victorian Special | TV Trailer


Shortly after releasing a new poster for the Victorian-era special of TV hit Sherlock yesterday (July 9), the BBC have now released a first look trailer at what fans should be expecting from the special around Christmas time this year.


The show, which was adapted into a 21st century setting, has taken the characters back to the original time frame in which the books were written. The trailer nods to Conan Doyle’s original stories, as they are told through the narration of Mr Holmes’ dearest companion Dr. John H. Watson. In the released clip, Mrs. Hudson argues with John about her function within his narratives, which may be giving a nod to her larger role in the modern age television series.


Moffat has assured Sherlock fans that the stand-alone episode will very much continue the same humour as the rest of the series, just with the added treat of curved pipes, nineteenth century slang and, of course, the famous deerstalker hat.




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