Waterparks Release Brand New Single ‘Numb’ | Music News


After premiering it on the Anti-Tour livestream, Waterparks have dropped their new single entitled “Numb“.


The guitarist and vocalist Awsten Knight explained why they choose this song to premiere “‘Numb’ just rips so hard, it made perfect sense. We obviously don’t have a lot of opportunities to do things live right now so this is definitely the best first impression we felt like the song could have”.


The song “Numb” will be a part of their upcoming fourth album Greatest Hits, which is set to release on May 21. This release followed their last song “Snow Globe” which was released on February 26.


It is common for the band to change their style of sound from an album to another, but also from one song to another. However, you will always be able to recognize it is Waterparks that is playing.


“Numb” is no exception to that rule, it is certainly different from their latest release. The beginning of “Snow Globe” is quite creepy and with a piano melody, “Numb” is the exact opposite. The single starts with guitars and drums with a rhythm that just makes you want to jump.


It is a short song at only 2:26 minutes, but it is full of energy. The trio creates an ideal mix of fast raps, punishing guitars, and incredible vocal turns. They add to that, the perfect sticky chorus that might stay in your head for a certain amount of time.


The end of the song might surprise you, they made something a little bit different from the rest. The band offers us a big mix of everything with some weird vocal effects, drums, electric sounds. It is quite a good song to welcome the sunny days that are coming.


Get ready to dance and jump, listen to “Numb” here:




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