West London Artist Ellie M Realeses New Single ‘Father Father’

Ellie M, a 24-year-old Londoner, has a new single out called “Father Father.” It is the second song off her upcoming debut EP, The Arms of Eve and Everything, after “In Your Eyes,” which was released earlier this year.

The voice is the first thing you hear on all of Ellie’s recordings so far; it is ageless, soulful, and distinctive, immediately establishing Ellie as a talent to watch.

Ellie is a fierce feminist with a master’s degree in gender studies. Her queer identity permeates all of her artistic work, but nowhere is it more apparent than in “Father Father,” where she confronts homophobic ideas.
“Father Father is a queer resistance to the so-called ‘norm’.

It’s a middle finger to those who refuse to accept the existence of anyone who is outside their heteronormative boundaries. It intends to provide a space of protest, freedom, and self-expression.”

The song stands out on Ellie’s debut EP, a personal four-track collection that assisted her in navigating her first romantic relationships and developing sexuality.

Speaking about the body of work, she says “These songs are written from my rawest emotions, at times when I couldn’t make sense of anything. They are pages from my diary, that I hope others can connect with to guide them through the emotions that we all face. The EP’s title is taken from the last line of Father Father – and is a testament to my surrendering to my desires”.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Father Father” below!


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