West Of The Sun – Siberian Hysteria | Music Video

West Of The Sun 21.04.2016ANDREW


West Of The Sun return with the video for latest single, “Siberian Hysteria”. The quintet self-produced the song alongside engineer, Shuta Shinoda, (Primal Scream, Spiritualised, and The Horrors) at Hackney Road Studios, in East London.


The song begins quite slow and foreboding but quickly builds into a fast and moody number. It slows down, again, full of indie, jangly guitars and vocals with a sort of understated swagger. There is a refrain to let the vocals breathe, before building up the song again. Then, after that, there’s a key change to bring the song to another place.


In terms of the visuals, it is the typical band video with a difference. Yes, it largely features the band playing through the song, but it also chops, changes and alters things like the colour scheme. This can be black and white, or even putting an aurora sky phenomenon-esque effect within places it could not possibly appear, like indoors.





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