Which Side Will You Pick In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6? | TV Trailer



With only a few months to go before Game of Thrones returns to screens, HBO have released 3 new teaser trailers, as well as a tweet asking fans of the series to choose their allegiance. The mini teasers contain no actual footage from the upcoming season but each features the frayed and battered banner of one of the main houses warring for the Iron throne; Stark, Lannister and Targaryen.


The main representatives of each house were facing some pretty tough circumstances by the end of season 5; many of them dead or scattered across the world, and from the foreboding storms and ravaged landscapes we see in the trailers, things don’t look like they’re about to get any better as the battle for control of Westeros culminates in the latest season. Game Of Thrones season 6 premieres in April this year. Here are the new teasers:






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