White Reaper – Judy French | Music Video


White Reaper have just released their new music video for the song “Judy French”, this song is one of the tracks from their new album titled The World’s Best American Band via Polyvinyl Records.


In their new video, the band shared the screen with the True Detective actress Alexandra Daddario. The video was directed by Brandon Derme, who has previously worked with the band for the video of “What Would Diplo Do?” The video was shot in Los Angeles while the group took a day off tour.


The band have been working very hard to produce this new album, speaking about the new project, they said: “It’s just been the most fun because sonically the two records are wholly different and it’s just been a new experience to get to play like these full kind of rock songs that like have all these different kinds of instrumentation and totally different keyboard vibes. It’s been a blast to branch out and be more technical“.


White Reaper will perform in England and Germany this summer, and we can’y wait to see their live show. For now, we can just watch their new video below.




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