‘Who I Am’ Is The Brand New Single From South African Artist Vuyo The Sun | Music News


South African singer Vuyo The Sun has just released her latest single “Who I Am”. It is a single with hip-hop but also lounge vibes to it, and a sweet mix that we can’t stop listening to.


For over 10 years, Vuyo has had a foot in performance art but is based more on oral poetry, song and traditional South African storytelling.


As a Black and queer non-binary artist using the pronouns “they” and “them”, it’s through art that Vuyo attempts to express and document shared black experiences while giving voice to the unique black identity and experiences of black and queer POC voices.


And this is also very evident in their single “Who I Am”. “When writing this song, I felt inspired by life. I talk about queerness. I talk about being gender fluid and the spiritual context of it – and the divinity that flows through each of us”, said the singer.


“I am not a Rastafarian, but I use the term ‘I and I’ as an acknowledgment towards the divine within myself. It just speaks to the god in us. Within that I speak about the brilliance of blackness and the brilliance of our being gifted so innately. I’m celebrating us – in all the ways”, Vuyo added.


A beautiful lesson and a very good state of mind, which is also felt through the vibes of his music and his art in general. Listen to “Who I Am” below.




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