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Why Are We All Talking About Instagram Influencer Caroline Calloway | Culture


I don’t know if you know Caroline Calloway, but I ignored her existence until Twitter couldn’t stop talking about her, then I had to check.


So, this 27-year-old American girl is an Instagram Influencer with almost 800,000 followers. She described herself as writer, art historian, and teacher. She became famous by posting on Instagram, but her pictures weren’t the heart of her fame, it was her long captions about her misadventures as a Cambridge student, her life seems to be a fairytale with pictures of bottle of champagne featuring charming boys.


But on Tuesday night, the internet exploded over an essay, written by her ex-best friend about their toxic-relationship published by New York Magazine’s The Cut.


Her name is Beach, and she claimed to have been a ghostwriter for Calloway’s Instagram account, and it’s not the only thing she revealed. In this essay, Beach tells the behind-the-scenes story of Caroline Calloway’s Instagram account and how she managed to become famous and, because that was her goal, to become a writer.


Beach explained her goal was to become a famous Instagram influencer in the aim to persuaded publishing house to publish her book, and she did it in the old-fashion way, just buying followers.


Also, Caroline was indeed supposed to write a book, and as Beach was correcting every writing page, the Instagram influencer promised Beach 35 percent of the advance, but it was understood that Beach would keep her name off the finished product.


Caroline Calloway now suffers from drug addiction it seems, and in her latest Instagram posted she promised “After therapy’s done I’ll begin writing my response to her essay. I have some things to say“.


So this essay, more than the description of a toxic relationship, shows up a typical Instagram Influencer life with all the internet artifice, but some questions come up in my head, who cares? Is this the cost of being famous?



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