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Loki The Dark World


Tom Hiddleston’s Loki may have proven too awesome to exist within the same film as James Spader’s Ultron when test audiences for Avengers: Age of Ultron became confused by the God of Mischief’s cameo appearance in the sequel.


“I was part of the dream sequence for the character of Thor. I shot for a day and enjoyed it very much, and then I received a phone call from [Marvel’s] Kevin Feige [who] said that in test screenings, audiences had overemphasized Loki’s role” revealed Hiddleston in an interview with DigitalSpy. “They thought that because I was in it, I was controlling Ultron, and it was actually imbalancing people’s expectations so [director] Joss [Whedon] and Kevin were like, ‘Let’s cut it because it’s confusing people’… It made sense to me when I saw that film”.


Since the British actor’s first appearance as the villainous Loki in the first Thor film. The character has proven a hit with audiences, a rarity amongst villains in the Marvel cinematic universe, with his staying power leading to an expanded role in Thor: The Dark World and (of course) the main baddie that caused The Avengers to assemble in the Joss Whedon film.


Since Whedon’s departure from the Marvel franchise, the director has revealed previously that he had to fight to keep aspects of the film intact, the dream sequence included. With the director going so far as to cut the sequence in its entirety in order to keep The Avengers retreat to Hawkeyes farm. That decision was overturned by executives who felt that Thor’s dream served as a pre-cursor to Ragnarok, the third film in the God of thunder’s series.


Although Loki fans would have missed their favourite “puny-God” from Avengers 2, Hiddleston is still contracted to three more Marvel films with an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok a certainty, given the status of Loki at the end of Thor 2.



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