Why We Run – A Moment To Return | Music Video

Why We Run_band shot 


Inspired by lead singer Nic Cogels‘ near-death experience, Sydney quartet Why We Run recently shared an interesting music video for “A Moment To Return”.


Parts of Cogels’ life flashed before his eyes when he nearly drowned, leading the video’s concept. In it, an elderly man takes a leisurely swim before diving underwater; a younger version of himself resurfaces a few moments afterwards. This happens twice more, and the person get younger and younger each time. The visuals convey so much in only a few movements.


“A Moment To Return” is a gentle track taken from forthcoming debut album Holograms which will be released in June.


To see what Remy’s Film & Music called “[o]ne of the best videos I’ve seen so far this year”, check it out below:




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