Wild Ones – Invite Me In | New Music


The Oregon band Wild Ones have just released a new single titled “Invite Me In”, the third track from the up and coming band’s new EP that will be available on Soundcloud soon.


The new dream-pop song from the five-piece band has a very sweet melody but the lyrics are dark and deep. The loss of personal identity and the homogenization that society imposes on individuals are the two main themes of the song.


Speaking about “Invite Me In”, vocalist Danielle Sullivan said: “It is my favourite song on our record. It’s the first track that Thomas sent me that gave me a clear feeling of what ‘Mirror Touch’ could become.”


The new Wild Ones album titled Mirror Touch explores dark themes from the point of view of 5 disillusioned young people. “Standing In The Back At Your Show” and “Paresthesia” are also stand out tracks from the album that are now available on Soundcloud.


Listen to “Invite Me In” below:




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