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Introducing Toronto-based band Wild Rivers with their brand new single titled “Moving Target“, following on from their 2018 EP Eighty-Eight. Comprised of Khalid Yassein and Devan Glover on vocals, Andrew Oliver on guitar and bass, and Julien Laferriere on drums, the 4-piece band is currently pulling in over a million streams per month on Spotify, which is not bad by any means.


What immediately drew me to this record was the vocal performance from Yassein and Glover. From their rich vocal tone and texture, to how their voices are beautifully harmonised, to brooding singing style, it all comes together rather excellently. The instrumentation on “Moving Target” – a simple piano arrangement with minimalist strings – isn’t anything special but it’s sparse enough for the vocals and lyrics to take centre stage.


According to the band, their new single “Moving Target”, which you can listen to below, is “about being emotionally disconnected with someone you care about. It’s about what people do to protect themselves when a relationship gets difficult, and the realization that cutting yourself off does more harm than good.


We recorded “Moving Target” live off the floor; the decision was made with our producer Dan Hosh in order to hone a sense of vulnerability and earnestness that frame the lyrics. We’ve played it night after night while on the road this year, and we wanted to recreate its “liveness”.


This past year has been an incredible gift. We’ve gotten the chance to tour North America extensively, and meet people who share a connection to our music. On the other hand, the reality of being tour musicians means that we are often in new and unfamiliar situations and away the things – and people – that are sources for comfort and love. “Moving Target” is the message you leave for the person back home“.




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