Will Ferrell is teaming with Netflix to star in The Legend of Cocaine Island. But wait, doesn’t that title ring a bell? Isn’t there already a film on Netflix named that? Yup, Ferrell is starring in a remake of Netflix’s own documentary of the same name, which follows a family man who becomes intrigued by the legend of a buried stash of cocaine hidden in the Caribbean.


The legend states that a small-business owner was wiped out during the Great Recession, and since the stash is said to be worth around $2 million, he hatches a plan to retrieve the buried coke, using the talents of a band of colourful misfits. Unfortunately, without any prior drug-running experience, complications ensue. Theo Love directed the doc.


Crazy, drug-related hijinks in the Caribbean sounds like a perfect Ferrell vehicle. Throw in some great comedic actors as a part of his ragtag crew, and you’ve got yourself a potentially hilarious comedy. Though much of that will depend on the script, which is being penned by Peter Steinfeld (Analyze That).


Ferrell will produce alongside Jessica Elbaum under their Gloria Sanchez Productions banner. No director in on board yet.


Ferrell can next be seen opposite Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Jim Rash and Nat Faxon‘s marital comedy Downhill, based on the acclaimed Swedish film Force Majeure. He’s also got another collaboration with Netflix in development with the comedy Eurovision, which Rachel McAdams also stars in.


He’s also attached to star in the Amazon movie Prince Of Fashion, which has Jacob Tremblay circling the young lead. Also don’t be surprised if his old Black List project The Flamingo Thief comes back around. So expect to see a lot of Ferrell to kick off the new decade.



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