Will Logan’s X-23 Get A Spin-Off Film? | Film News


James Mangold, director of the final Wolverine movie for Hugh Jackman, has expressed his interest in a spin-off film for X-23.


The character, played by 11-year-old, Dafne Keen, will make her debut in the X-Men franchise as a mysterious young mutant who forces Logan to abandon his attempts to hide from his legacy and the world.


Despite the young age of the rookie actress, Mangold had nothing but praise for her performance and mentioned his desire to work with Keen again in an X-23 standalone film. “I think Dafne is incredible in the film and I would love to see another film about that character and that’s certainly something I’d be involved in,” the director told We Got This Covered.


But the possibility of an X-23 spin-off film for Keen have yet to meet more concrete discussions. “I mean, I know [Keen] wants to act. I know she was phenomenal in this movie. And I can’t think of a reason there wouldn’t be interest in the studio or otherwise. But no one’s been working on anything yet,” admitted Mangold, to Slash Film.


Still, the probability of the spin-off film is incredibly high, given the rumors in X-Men fan communities and the studio’s current direction seem to be positioning X-23 to assume Wolverine’s role once Jackman departs.


Get ready to officially welcome X-23 to the franchise when Logan hits theatres March 1!



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