Will Poulter Takes A Break From Social Media Due To Cyber Bullying | Film News


Will Poulter, star of Black Mirror interact Netflix film Bandersnatch, We’re The Millers and Son Of Rambo, has been forced to quit social media for a while after backlash for his appearance in the Netflix film.


The bullying he received was so severe that it seems to have affected his mental health, and a step away from the often-times dangerous social media is the perfect thing to do in this circumstance. Hopefully it’ll teach the bullies a lesson to think twice before they speak, as negative comments can cause serious consequences in people’s lives.


Gracefully, the versatile actor took to Twitter to write the following:



The positive message reminds readers to always be kind, and instead of openly addressing the bullies, he instead thanks the fans that appreciated his acting skills on the show.


He was offered support from true fans, with some criticising the online trolls who hide behind their computers like cowards:




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