Will ‘Ripper Street’ End After Series 5? | TV News

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Will ‘Ripper Street’ End After Series 5? | TV News



Ripper Street is “the show that will not die” according to one of its’ stars Myanna Buring, owing to the fact that Amazon Prime picked up the series when the BBC swung the axe in its’ direction. Amazon have order a further 2 series, with series 4 airing exclusively online for its’ Prime members from next Friday (January 15). However, the end is nigh (again) for Ripper Street after series 5, as the show is set to be wrapped up then … and this time, for good.


In an interview with Digital Spy, Buring, along with her co-stars Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg talked about how they all attended a ‘wrap party’ when series 3 ended, and were delighted the show was granted a reprieve by Amazon. However, Rothenberg pulled no punches when it came to confirming that Ripper Street was over: “I think we’re supposed to be mysterious about it. It’s over – it’s definitely done.”


So far, Ripper Street has had more lives than your average furry feline, so who knows if series 5 really will be the end … or not?



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