Will Smith Creates A Humorous Parody Of Son Jaden’s Music Video | Music News


It’s just Will Smith being a regular annoying dad and expressing his pride of son while also making fun of him. Celebrating Jaden Smith‘s success, he recreated a part of music video for “Icon“, taken from the debut album SYRE, which has just reached a 100 million streams on Spotify.


Will Smith bleached his hair, dressed up in almost exact outfit as his son, including a huge gold chain on his neck, but excluding a pair of sneakers and replacing them with a socks and slippers combo. Complementing his lip sync with some weirdly hilarious dance moves, he manages to make a spot-on parody.


To honor the milestone of son’s music career, Will ends the short clip, saying “I’m proud of you baby! 100 million streams. Congratulations, man!“. Watch the video of proud dad on his Instagram post below:




By the way, this remake is pretty accurate, watch the real Jaden Smith in the original video for “Icon” and compare:




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