Will Smith In Talks For Lead Role In ‘Gemini Man’ | Film News

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Will Smith In Talks For Lead Role In ‘Gemini Man’ | Film News


One of Hollywood’s longest gestating scripts is finally moving forward. The sci-fi action thriller Gemini Man finally got some good news this past weekend when it was revealed that production company Skydance was eyeing Life Of Pi director Ang Lee to helm the project, but if anything can get your project moving quickly, it’s potentially casting Will Smith.


The actor is in talks to star in the lead role. He would play an ageing assassin looking toward retirement when he comes up against his ultimate opponent: a younger clone of himself. Smith would likely play both roles, so no opportunity for son Jaden in this one.


The deal isn’t complete yet as Smith will still have to work out how to fit the role around other upcoming projects such as Disney’s live-action Aladdin, Suicide Squad 2 and Bad Boys 3.


The script for Gemini Man has been bouncing around potential suitors since the 90s. It was first set up around 1997 with Tony Scott attached to direct. Once that fell through, it passed through the hands of Andrew Niccol, Brian Helgeland and more but nothing came of it.


One of the major sticking points was how to achieve the ageing veteran vs younger clone storyline, as technology wasn’t always so advanced. Harrison Ford and Chris O’Donnell were once talked about as potential stars as the older and younger versions of the character respectively, which shows you how long this project has been in existence.


Fortunately, with the wonders of digital de-aging, that issue is no more. Whether the film can finally deliver on its enticing premise is yet to be seen, but getting Lee and Smith on board is a great start.



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