Will Smith On Suicide Squad Co-Star Jared Leto : ‘I’ve Never Actually Met Him’ | Film News



Whilst Will Smith acts alongside Jared Leto in the upcoming DC Comics film – Suicide Squad, he claims that he has never actually met him, due to the fact that Jared Leto was so dedicated to his role as ‘The Joker’, that he never once came out of character. When speaking on the Beats 1 Radio Show, Smith confessed that despite working together with Jared for six months, they had never spoken a word to eachouther outside of “Action” and “Cut” – Awkward.


Going on to say that he had only ever conversed with Jared as his character ‘Deadshot’, Will Smith joked that the first he sees him, there would have to be some introductions made. This is not the first time that Jared’s method acting has been perceived as a little extreme. He reportedly gave co-star Margot Robbie a live rat before deciding not to show up to promote the film at Comic-con – well, at least he’s dedicated. Suicide Squad hits cinemas August 5 2016.


Watch the full interview of Will Smith and Zane on Beats 1 Radio below.




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