Will Young – Brave Man | Music Video

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Will Young – Brave Man | Music Video

Brave Man


What does it mean to be a brave man? There are many answers to this question, but Will Young‘s new video for “Brave Man” challenges society’s expectations of what it means to be one. The video follows a transgender man walking in public naked as people laugh, stare, even physically abuse him. What’s significant is that he simply carries on walking, refusing to back down or cover up.


“In this video we see a man determined to be himself in the face of all adversity from inside and outside,” Young stated in a Facebook post. “It isn’t brave but, my god, it shows true grit and strength”. As a gay man, Young also faces prejudice and whilst it isn’t for the same reason, the result is similar. “Brave Man” is the opening track from 85% Proof which can be purchased here. Watch the music video below.




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