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William Shatner has recently opened up about his feelings regarding former friend and co-star Leonard Nimoy, in a book he wrote entitled ‘Leonard: My Fifty Year Friendship with a remarkable Man‘.


The two men were best known for playing iconic characters James Kirk and Spock in the original Star Trek franchise, and were known to be very close friends outside the show.


This was quite a unique circumstance, considering the documented ongoing feud between the cast and Shatner. The Actor suggests that he is still unsure about what caused the rift between himself and Nimoy, and it all began when the latter chose not to be involved in a movie Shatner was producing.


Speaking with Yahoo Movies, he spoke about his initial feelings about the matter and what happened after. “I thought he was joking at first and treated it as a joke because he sometimes would pretend and say, ‘No, I’m not going to do that’ and then say, ‘yes’, so that’s what I thought he did [Laughs]. But that time he really meant, no… I just don’t know, and it is sad and it is permanent. I don’t know why he stopped talking to me.”


Lamenting upon the circumstances about his friendship and the death of Nimoy, he expressed sentimentality about the lost connection. “I have nothing of Leonard’s. I have no ‘Star Trek’ memorabilia at all. I have a picture of him and me laughing in my office. I have the echo of the laughter that we had between us but that’s all that I have.”


In spite of this however, Shatner continues a close connection with Nimoy’s family. He is currently producing a documentary about the late Actor’s life, with the help of his son Adam Nimoy.



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