WINNER Drops Dance Practice Videos For ‘Really Really’ And ‘Fool’ | Music News

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WINNER Drops Dance Practice Videos For ‘Really Really’ And ‘Fool’ | Music News


YG Entertainment is infamous for making WINNER’s fans buy the group’s official merchandise to see extra content, but they dropped the dance practices for both tracks on their Fate Number For single album today!



The dance moves are crazy sharp and perfectly match the addictive beat of “Really Really”, but I found myself liking the camera work of the video, which took playful turns from side to side in a way that was strangely fitting with the song’s energetic and bold vibe.


The closeups of the members during their individual parts caught the members’ playful expressions and colorful casual wear. It’s not often that we get to see WINNER in anything less than looks fresh off the runway to fit their luxurious concepts, but the video felt very light, natural and pleasant to watch!



In contrast, the dance practice video for “Fool” started out with circling camerawork and the filter is in a melancholic black and white. The filming perfectly follows the members’ more synchronized and artful dance movements.


Without as many backup dancers, the performance feels a lot more intimate and heartfelt, which are the emotions the song works to convey. And get this: the performance for “Fool” was choreographed by member Seung-hoon himself!


WINNER’s talent really knows no bounds. Be sure to check out the videos above and thank YG Entertainment for the surprising onslaught of extra WINNER content!



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