‘Winter’s Tale’ Release Complete B-Roll Featuring Russell Crowe & Colin Farrell | Film News

‘Winter’s Tale’ with Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay


Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell are the obvious stars in the newly released movie clips and B-Roll footages for upcoming movie Winter’s Tale. Colin Farrell stars as thief Peter in this fantasy drama film with Crowe playing his arch nemesis.


Perhaps, the most intriguing clip released ‘What’s So Special About Peter?’, focuses on the villain of the film played by Russell Crowe, it is revealed that Crowe has previously liked Farrell’s character. In one of the other new clips, Farrell re-discovers his past and interacts with his true love Beverly who is dying.


These film clips bring questions to the forefront such as why is the love between Farrell’s character and his love interest is forbidden? Why does it affect Crowe’s character negatively? The behind-the-scenes video is just over eleven minutes long and shows the actors in their element on and off camera, with some major spoilers.




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