‘Wolverine 3’: Liev Schreiber Possibly Returning As Sabertooth | Film News

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‘Wolverine 3’: Liev Schreiber Possibly Returning As Sabertooth | Film News

One of the aspects that attracted Schreiber to Ray Donovan was the prospect of playing a character for whom words were relatively unimportant.


The stand-alone Wolverine series as part of the X-Men cinematic universe has been rather hit or miss with the two films that have been released so far. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was about as well received as actually having someone disembowel you with adamantium claws and The Wolverine was okay but the only memorable moment in the entire movie was the after credits scene that lead up to the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past.


However one thing that film goers were actually in favour of was Liev Schreiber’s performance as Wolverine’s life long rival, Sabertooth. Well as it turns out the 48 year old actor may be making a return to the series in Fox Studio’s third ‘stab’ at making a decent Wolverine movie. “We’ve talked about it“. Schreiber told MTV on the Oscar red carpet. “Hugh’s mentioned it to me. The ‘Old Man Logan’ story: that’s appealing. That’s something I can do. Old being the operative word…


For those of those of you who don’t know, Old Man Logan is a graphic novel written by Mark Millar that tells the story of Wolverine as a beaten old man living in a post-apocalyptic setting with his wife and children. Now the interesting thing is that Sabertooth isn’t actually in that story, but its not as if Hollywood has taken some liberty with their adapted material and this might actually make for a welcomed change.





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