‘Women In Art’ Exhibition Fights Patriarchy At Paris Fashion Week | Arts


There may be something to discover that could be more important than a catwalk, during an important fashion show. Indeed, this year’s Paris Fashion Week has given space to an exhibition led by women artists called Women In Art in a pop-up gallery curated by The House of Fine Art (HOFA).


The opening day of the exhibition will be September 26. It is curated by HOFA co-founder, Simonida Pavicevic, who stated:


“Contemporary female artists are boldly embracing the varied media and artistic styles of today, using them to interrogate and explore dimensions of modern life in ways that are sensual and also intellectual. The worlds of high fashion and art are in many ways intertwined, and this exhibition is a very literal play on that connection”.


The event will give the opportunity to several emerging artists to present their works of art that will follow the theme of femininity through their own perception. The unique selection will show how a single concept can open up to different facets: passing from the past to the present and therefore to the future, its perception changes with sensitivity.


Artists have used different means and styles to capture the perception of femininity in society along with the construct of the unique perception itself and their personal female experience within the work. Find out more details here.



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