‘Wonder Woman’ Writer Jason Fuchs To Adapt ‘Robotech’ For Sony | Film News


Sony have hired writer Jason Fuchs to adapt the popular 1980s anime series Robotech for the big screen. Fuchs co-wrote Wonder Woman alongside Zack Snyder and Allan Heinberg and also wrote Pan. The film has also secured It director Andy Muschetti to helm the project.


Muschetti has already confirmed that he’ll be directed It: Chapter Two before he picks up Robotech, and with New Line Cinema aiming for a 2019 release date for the horror sequel, that gives Fuchs all the time in the world to watch and dissect all 85 episodes of the original series of Robotech.


The original show takes place in a future where Earth has developed giant robots from the technology of a crashed alien spacecraft, and are now using that converted technology to fight off an impending alien invasion. With that set-up, it’s hard to believe Hollywood hasn’t adapted this before, and there’s clearly plenty of potential for a huge blockbuster here.


So with two of the hottest upcoming names in Hollywood on board, things are looking good for the Robotech adaptation. Though it’s worth keeping an eye on Muschetti’s involvement, as his It success will make him a hot property in the long gap between now and the start of Robotech production, and it’s certainly possible he becomes enticed by another project.


After the poor box office numbers and average-at-best critical reviews for the Hollywood adaptation of Ghost In The Shell, and with the Akira remake still stuck in development hell, Robotech has the change to be the anime adaptation we’ve been hoping for. By bringing in Fuchs and Muschetti, it’s off to a good start.



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