Wood Chips – Heartbeat | Music Video


The brand new video for debut single “Heartbeat” from Wood Chips isn’t recommended for those who have the fear of snakes and spiders, but overall, the tender and magical visuals perfectly match the dreamy mix of folk, pop and electronic music.


Wood Chips is the fresh project from renowned Danish producer and multi-instrumentalist Andreas Asingh, who has previously been known as Slowolf and has worked with the likes of Raekwon and Kimbra on more progressive, hip-hop sounds.


After the critical illness of his son Karlo, Andreas reevaluated and almost completely changed his life – the whole family moved to the countryside. It also inspired the change of his music, which shifted towards more traditional sound. This first single is dedicated to his son, who survived the illness and stars in the video together with his dad, older brother Albert and the whole band.




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