Woodstock Festival Will Be Back For Its 50th Anniversary | Music News

A couple embraces at the Woodstock music festival.


Woodstock is one of the most famous festivals of all time. Held in Bethel, a small town near New York in 1969, it was a three-day festival about music, love and peace. The setlist was incredible, with Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith, Jefferson Airplane and more gracing the famous stage.


Woodstock changed the way to experience festivals and now the hippy festival will be back to bring music fans together again.




Founder Michael Lang spoke with the press about a new version of the festival. Lang shared that he endeavoured to arrange a Woodstock reunion in 2009 but it did not come to fruition as he could not find the right partners. Now, he plans to mark the 50th anniversary with a celebration with a whole new angle – gigs and discussions about politics and society (in a similar vein to TED talks).



We hope to see another Woodstock festival as soon as possible!



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