Wretch 32 – Mummy’s Boy | Music Video


Tottenham rap icon Wretch 32 has dropped an amazing video for “Mummy’s Boy”. It is his first single of 2019 taken from his upcoming fifth album Upon Reflection, a title that redefines a term that has followed him all his life.


“Mummy’s Boy, is almost like the worst insult you can give a kid” said the rapper while he explained that he was the “mummy’s boy” in his childhood. “It’s just something that has a negative connotation can be flipped into a bigger positive”. Wretch 32 also speaks about the strength of women, such as his mother, that sacrificed everything for their kids.


After the rapper’s last outing “33 Style”, which came out in March last year, his new single makes his career exceed a decade. The new album shows his class and maturity, led by his often unmatched songwriting and lyrical ability, which unifies a huge range of music fans, along with his core rap listeners.


“I think now is where I’ve got to show bravery”, he says about the album. “Because the game is in a transition and it seems like people are possibly preferring quantity over quality. When you’re someone who represents quality and an element of class, I don’t actually think that will go out of fashion”.


Watch the video for “Mummy’s Boy” below.




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