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The landscape of WWE has gotten a whole lot gloomier with the news that performer and valet Lana, will be out of active competition for close to 4 months. WWE‘s senior ringside doctor Scott Amann announced yesterday (September 7) that Lana, real name Cj Perry, will be pulled from live television and house shows due to a wrist injury sustained during an in-ring training session before a live event in Fairfax, Virginia last weekend.


Amann confirmed via WWE.com that ‘During a training session [Sunday] afternoon, Lana had sustained an injury in the ring. We attended to her and noticed that she had a deformity of her wrist.’ In the statement, the Doctor revealed that X-rays to the injury showed a Colles’ fracture that will ‘Most likely … require an operation, which will take [Lana] out of active competition for approximately four months.


Since debuting on WWE‘s main roster in late January, Lana has enjoyed a fan-favourite status resulting in a ‘babyface’ turn when she revolted against long-time associate Rusev early this year, choosing to join forces with the Show-Off Dolph Ziggler. It appears the company have been building towards an in-ring confrontation against Rusev’s newest associate, Summer-Rae, for some time. After a series of altercations and scuffles between the two Divas which many had assumed would result in a match at the recent SummerSlam event in Brooklyn.


Since then Lana has taken to Instagram to thank the fans for their continued support, document her road to recovery and confirm an eventual in-ring debut: ‘I have dedicated my entire life to becoming the best sports entertainer I could be. Every since I have debuted in @wwe I have continued to go to @wwenxt & come hours early before live events to train & learn how to fight. I wanted my first match to make the #WWE Universe proud. My wrist fracture is proof that WWE & professional wrestling is not fake but very real. This is a bump in the road & can be discouraging but for every person that has believed in me and has ever chanted #WeWantLana I will keep going. From here forward I will share every part of my journey to my first match. Thank you to every fan that has cheered for me & chanted my name, you all give me the strength to be brave. I will continue to give everything I have to becoming one of the greatest women in WWE & entertainment.


Although a speed bump in her career, time away from the ring will only whet her growing league of fans appetite for her eventual return to the company and (fingers-crossed) phenomenal in-ring debut.


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