‘X-Files’ Series 10, Episode 4 – Home Again | TV Review

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‘X-Files’ Series 10, Episode 4 – Home Again | TV Review

X-Files 09.02.2016ANDREW


Last night was the fourth in the series of the X-Files reboot, which aired on Channel 5. This seemed to straddle the line between a ‘monster of the week’ episode, and one that deals with the wider alien conspiracy.


It carries on the overall story, which most of the ‘monster of the week’ episodes have tended not to do in the past. For example, during this episode Scully (Gillian Anderson) suffers a family bereavement and we also get more information about her and Mulder’s (David Duchovny) child together, William. Turns out, to keep him safe, he has been given up for adoption.


Anyway, the episode sees them on the trail of a man who can rip people apart limb from limb. Viewers initially probably suspect the person to be a ‘super soldier’, like from the original series. Turns out he is nothing of the sort. You cringe as you see him pull a man’s head off and see half the spinal column poking out the decapitated head.


The genesis of this ‘monster’ is an interesting one, and the fact he seems to originate from the thoughts of a street artist makes it seem all the more impossible. As they say, it is the journey, how things come together, rather than the destination. How you get ‘Home Again’, indeed.



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