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XXYYXX – Red | New Music



With an intro of rhythmic beeps resembling a hospital heart monitor, it is clear that XXYYXX is far from dying any time soon. Hopefully the use of this sound symbolises the end of a three year silence and the release of a new LP. Experimental electronic artist Marcel Everett, a.k.a. XXYYXX, continues to do what makes him him with latest track “Red”.


Refusing to simplify his methods and degrade to a generic electronic music style, this chilled ambient track will give you goosebumps as it intimately connects to your very soul as his many textures are woven to perfection. And when you think its over after a period of silence accompanied by mumbling and drizzling water, the heart monitor beeps return only to bring heavy bass and electronic effects into full swing.


Click below to fall in love with XXYYXX’s latest single “Red”




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