Xyrich And REA Collaborate On New Single ‘You Can Go’ | Music News


Originally from Rwanda, Xyrich has always been in the music sector, thanks to his family who encouraged him to pursue things in a musical way. The fact that they were refugees in America definitely brought the singer to a “unique perspective on life”. After working with his sister (Sifa Bihomora) who is also in the music area, he wanted to take his own way by making his own project.


Today, with his new song “You Can Go” in collaboration with female artist REA, the artist wanted to share his self-reflection of a past relationship. Through this music, we can listen to the juxtaposition of both male and female voices which brings to the song a new musical dimension. We can hear the mix of different musical styles which are alternative, indie R&B and hip hop.


Regarding REA’s side, she is coming from St Louis, Missouri and it turns up that music comes to her naturally, indeed, she takes her inspiration in life and nature. She lets herself be carried and tries to enjoy as many moments of life as she can and she let’s it show in this song.


About their new collaboration, Xyrich says, “The song is about being in relationship and knowing it’s time to call it quits. This song also has my first feature from @luv_rea_ who brought the song to another level”.


Listen to “You Can Go” bellow:




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