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Yael Naim is back with a new single “How Will I Know”! It’s the first song of her fourth album NightSongs which will be released on March 20.


The artist made a name for herself with her piano-pop single “New Soul”. This song was a worldwide success and to this day, have more than 100 million streams. This song was even chosen by Steve Jobs personally for the launch of Apple’s Mac Book Pro. Her first album was released in 2007, it was recorded in Paris with her husband and co-producer David Donatien.


After the success of “New Soul”, Yael Naim continued to release albums such as She Was A Boy in 2010 and Older in 2015. The artist has also won several awards at the annual Cérémonies Des Victoires De La Musique in France, including the award for ‘Best Pop Singer’ in 2016.


In her album NightsSongs, the artist talks about two themes that turned her life upside down: the loss of her father Daniel and the birth of her second child. This can be felt on Yael Naim’s new songs, which are darker and deeper than before.


In the opening words of “How I Will Know” the artist says that she has finally accepted the loss: “Years after you’ve gone I’m feeling fine and I fight to be strong / But when I’m laughing it’s not quite the same”.


Listen to it here:




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