Yasiin Bey Talks About His Retirement From Film And Music | Music News

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Yasiin Bey Talks About His Retirement From Film And Music | Music News



Yasiin’s multi-cultivating approach to music and film is an essence of humidity to his strong political presence and approach when speaking and voicing his views. I have always found Yasiin to be a very opinionated individual on rights, appropriation, and the culture in which he grew up in.  He has voiced his decision to quit very firmly by saying, “I’ll be releasing my final album this year and that’s that”.


His career has been sporadic and spread since his name change of Mos Def, and his last album which was; The Ecstatic. The announcement came after Yassin was detained in South Africa for violating his tourist visa (expired) and attempting to leave as he has been there since 2013 with a world-passport. Via Kanye’s website where the message was released it has Yassin discussing his detention, alongside his retirement plans.


He freestyles and poetically depicts himself with a voice always so recognisable from Yasiin Bey with conviction and reason. Where he is headed next is beyond anybody’s guesses but I’m sure his activist nature and ‘voice of reason persona’ will be heading in his own direction.


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