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Singer-songwriter Yellowlees has just released his new single, “Eliza”, a perfect distraction amidst all of the goings on at this time.


Following his previous single “Heading West”, the 23-year-old musician from Norwich has been taking his music in a slightly new direction, with a greater emphasis on catchy riffs, while still maintaining a strong lyrical core of introspection.


Yellowlees’ distinctively stripped-back, organic or “homemade” quality, as his 2018 EP was entitled, still comes through in “Eliza”, but with the juicy additions of some well-mixed drums and backing vocals.


Driving for this upbeat yet chilled out vibe, “Eliza” belongs on all your summer playlists, providing the easy listening that we’re all in need of at the moment.


Yellowlees commented on his new release, saying, “‘Eliza’ is a song that took a while to come together – the original half-idea that lead to the full tune appeared in summer 2019. There are heaps of songs named after girls, and plenty of them are great, and that’s just something that appealed.


I wound up reaching for a name that sounded a little different, something that was actually an interesting word to say (or sing) aloud, and created a character and narrative from there. Before long, the chorus hook spilled out of me, but the verses and bridge didn’t appear until days before the end of 2019!


The vocals are the crux of this song, unlike some others I’ve written. It’s a simple guitar part, but the dextrous delivery and wordy, rhythmic hook really make it stand out for me – it’s what turns ‘Eliza’ into a proper earworm.


Once I had that hook – which, if I do say so myself, is pretty killer – I just tried to really highlight the laid-back groove of the song, and made sure it naturally built, layer after layer, to an energetic climax. Hopefully it accomplishes all that, and sends people nicely from the winter into the summertime!”


You can check out Yellowlees new single “Eliza” below:




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