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Singer and songwriter Yes Kid has released the music video for her single “Alright”, directed and animated by Hugo Shiboski.


Yes Kid is the newest artist project for Los Angeles based artist Yael Kaufman, that took a break from her previous minimal pop project to focus on a more raw side of her songwriting.


She plans to release her debut EP I Need A Minute later this year, featuring “Alright” and four other tracks.


About the video for her single “Alright”, the artist said: “This video is about the weight of those moments that manage to pin you to your bed so that you’re physically frozen, while your mind dives into the worst parts of your imagination”.


Watching this video, we are dropped directly inside the singer’s dark thoughts, in one of those moments when your mind is your worst enemy. While the animated girl is lying on her bed, incapable to move, the room starts to flood and it seems like we are drowning with her.


All of a sudden, the lamp on the ceiling changes into a water lily and the table lamp starts moving like a jellyfish while the room gets gradually flooded.


Towards the end of the video, the girl, the lamps and all the furniture slip away from the room and start floating over the city highways. Until the protagonist suddenly wakes up in a completely dry room, and eventually finds the strength to sit up.


Anxiety is a relatable feeling often hard to cope with. However, watching the video for this gentle and engaging single will help you make feel alright.


Watch it here:




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